In case you haven’t noticed: the Pearls are back! To celebrate this joyful fact we created several pieces that will make you, as well as your great-great-grandmother, jump for joy.

A piece that has that ‘never-out-of-style’. Like, literally, NEVER.  And the great thing is: you can pick whatever match you’d like to go for. The long earring is 5 pearls long and the bunch earring has 7 pearls. Statement on its own, but also great combined with other earrings.

Lilly is very easy to put on and does not weigh you down. The diameter of the hoop is 1.8 mm.


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•  Material: 3 microns 14k Gold plated

•  Stone: Freshwater pearl.

•  Sold as a pair.

•  Made to endure your lively lifestyle, and not change color. You can count on us.

•  To make sure your piece lasts as long as it possibly can, please make sure to check our care instructions.

Our materials make for a nice, high quality, seamless, jewelry piece with longevity. Sleep, shower, play: our earrings are plated with 14k gold and will not lose their fine color.  And a little secret: it looks way more than it costs.

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6 Month Warranty

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2 x long, 2 x bunch, 1 x long & 1 time bunch

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