Every now and then, we manage to find ourselves gemstones that draws your attention all day long: Koa is made of small Seraphinite stones and has the most beautiful, rich an deep colors of green combined in every single one of them. Koa is elegant and catches the attention wether worn alone or combined with other bracelets.

The gemstone Seraphinite is known as the stone of spiritual enlightenment. Whatever it is that you would like to believe, this rich green gemstone will make you smile every day.

Comes is three different lengths, but if you prefer a customized piece, we would be more than happy to help you with that.


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•  Material: 3 microns 14k Gold plated.

•  Size: Small (16,5 cm), Medium (17,5 cm) or Large (18,5 cm)

•  Stones: Seraphinite. We use natural gemstones of the highest quality only.

•  Made to endure your lively lifestyle, and not change color. You can count on us.

•  To make sure your piece lasts as long as it possibly can, please make sure to check our care instructions.

Our materials make for a nice, high quality, seamless, jewelry piece with longevity. Sleep, shower, play: our bracelets are plated with 14k gold and will not lose their fine color.  And a little secret: it looks way more than it costs.

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16,5 cm, 17,5 cm, 18,5 cm

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