Find your perfect fit.

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We have two measuring techniques for you that will help you find the size you need. Whichever technique you pick, we do have some suggestions on how and when:

  • Measure your finger at the end of the day, when they are a little swollen after all the work you did.
  • Measure the widest part of your finger.
  • Cold hands shrink: make sure your hands are warm.


What you need:

  • Your favorite ring (that has the size you’re going for).
  • A tape measure that shows millimeters.


S T E P  1 : Measure the inside of the ring in mm.

S T E P  2 : Check the size chart below and find the right size.



What you need:

  • A tape measure or a piece of string/string paper.
  • A tape measure that shows millimeters.


S T E P  1 : Mark your starting point on the string.

S T E P  2 : Wrap the tape/string around your finger.

S T E P  3 : Mark the point where it overlaps when it’s forming a circle.

S T E P  4 : Use a ruler/measurement tape with millimeters to measure the length from the starting point of the tape/string to the mark that you’ve made.

S T E P  5 : Check the size chart below to check the right size for you. Ordering time!