Amsterdam, 2019.

At Ace et Ada, we appreciate the beauty of the little things – the small details, steps and gestures that make life so special.

For our jewelry, we turned this appreciation in an important value: perfection, with a pinch of love.

Sleep, shower, play: our jewelry is plated with 14k gold and will not lose its fine color. And a little secret: it looks way more than it costs.

We operate with great attention for detail: not only our collection, but also the way we wrap and send the products to you and the feeling Ace et Ada gives you at our retailers, has received all our love and dedication.

Because we believe that there is always a little ‘special’ to give. Carefully selected materials are an important element of every single piece. Within a reasonable price range, we strive to offer lasting jewelry for every day wear, which we design & carefully fabricate by hand in our Amsterdam Atelier.

At Ace et Ada, we love us some good and fun collaborations. Do you have a store, a strong marketing channel or are you a talented creator of beautiful things? Time for coffee!

E-mail, call or WhatsApp, so we can figure out what we can do for each other.




Alexander Boersstraat 33-s
1071 KW Amsterdam

By appointment only.