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Detail in retail.

At Ace et Ada, we recognize the importance of the little things. We operate with great attention for detail: our collection, the way we wrap and send the products, but also the feeling Ace et Ada gives your customers in your store, has received all our love and dedication. We believe that the power of retailers lies in the authenticity of its brand(s) – character and purpose, whatever that may be. Authenticity is what can ensure a company’s long existence.

Well said, but how to remain authentic as a store with many brands? Surprise: details. The small details, also the tiny tiny ones, contribute to the general ambiance of the store.  By ensuring that every detail of each brand – be it the displaying, the packaging, the communication or service –  appeals to the kind of customer you want to target, you won’t be forgotten.

We are passionate about building authentic relationships with our customers and continuously strive to not be forgotten in the long term. Because we believe that there is always a little ‘special’ to give, especially in a store.

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Ace et Ada in store


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