Petit à Petit.

Little by Little.

The story of us & the road to our first actual collection.

By Stéphanie & Carlijn


At Ace et Ada, we appreciate the beauty of the little things – the small details, steps and gestures that make life so special.

This appreciation has developed over the past few years. We, Carlijn & Stéphanie, met at the very first day of our university life 6 years ago. The best day of our lives so far, as we’d like to call it ever since. The best day, because that was the beginning of a truly special, strong and exciting friendship.  However, it was not until 2 months later that the actual fun started to get serious. Fortuitously, both of us happened to be looking for a place to live. As Amsterdam was way to expensive to live on our own, and we ‘kinda’ liked each other, we decided that sharing an apartment would be a good idea.


No sooner said than done: within a few weeks, the day before Queensday to be precise, we moved in to a small apartment in the city center of Amsterdam, close to everything that would distract us from University. Perfect! Something that had to be celebrated, we agreed. But not in a month, nor a week: the housewarming would be that same night! Very impulsive but, so it appeared over the years, very us. That night we were hosts for a crowd that hardly fitted into our home (most of them we did not know), we got into a little fight with our neighbor, and also with the other 20 living around us, we had a small discussion with the police (twice) and our house looked and smelled like a local pub for days. But little did we care; the next party was planned for next weekend and would be even better. The naivety, the enthusiasm and the positive vibe: us being roommates was going to be good! Over the years, we became closer and closer and designed a well organized household for ourselves. As Carlijn was responsible for all our laundry, Stéphanie took care of proper and nutritious meals for us and our guests. Also, the apartment looked super tidy at all time. A solid system, we found.


After a while, we started working together on projects outside of school. Organizing events and small marketing campaigns, to which we committed to the fullest (studies, what?). We began to realize that, amongst all other common interests, we we’re both committed to deliver perfection in everything we did. We both got very excited every time we managed to think of something special to add to something ordinary.  Making people happy, that was exactly what made us so happy. As we we’re close to graduating, we solidly believed in our capabilities to do great in whatever was going to happen. One thing that was going to happen, as we had decided already, was starting a company together. However, we both found that we first needed a little more experience elsewhere, away from each other.


A year later, we returned back home and decided to start developing one of our initial ideas: an online magazine. The naive perfectionists in us, however, both thought it would be a great idea to add a webshop, an online second-hand shop and a complex travel guide to that. We also found that the entire website would be best designed by, of course, ourselves. Excitement all over: this was going to be it!

Little did we know that this plan was close to impossible, given the resources and time we had to spend. It took us 8 months to find out that starting 4 websites at once, was not a proper way to start in a business you have absolutely no experience in. We were whacked, disappointed in our own believes and we had no idea what to do next. After 2 weeks of overthinking, we set aside our pride and did what we might have known all along: we started to operate step by step, little by little. We downsized the site to one core element: our jewelry collection, which had received most of our attention already, as we loved it so much. Surprisingly, a certain kind of peace and creativity arose: the focus that we needed!


Although it was tough, this experience has taught us that little steps, little things are in fact most valuable. After all, we had always enjoyed making the little things a little more special! This year brought us back to realize that, now more than ever, we appreciate the little things in life. A take on life that feels good!


For the woman

who wears the things

that feel right to her.


For our jewelry, we turned this appreciation is an important value: perfection, with a pinch of love. We operate with great attention for detail: not only our collection, but also the way we wrap and send the products to you and the feeling Ace et Ada gives you at our retailers, has received all our love and dedication. Because we believe that there is always a little ‘special’ to give.

Carefully selected materials are an important element of every single piece. Within a reasonable price range, we strive to offer lasting jewelry for every day wear, which we design & carefully fabricate by hand in our Amsterdam Atelier.


We want you to know that whenever you have a special wish, whether that is a unique piece of jewelry or a job at our office, you should not hesitate to write/call/email/facebook/instagram us. There is always room for things that do not exist yet, as well as new wonderfull people!

Hoping that you’ve enjoyed our story (sorry we’re not that short-spoken), we wish you a nice look-around at our website!



Stéphanie & Carlijn

Ace et Ada Amsterdam


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